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Kathy De Cicco is a Story Architect and author of The Art Gallery (out in 2023) as well as The Adventures of Hogbutt.

Throughout her childhood, she was inadvertently taught to ignore her intuition which was saying that one day she would be a successful author. Still, she picked up a pencil and a rather nice notebook and started writing.


The writing never stopped, although she spent time as a ghostwriter before becoming a Story Architect, helping others write their own books.


Kathy is a Taurus and, indeed, has a stubborn and unforgiving streak, so take care not to cross her! However, she adores her many friends, deep conversations and shared meals.


With a deep love of cooking, Kathy likes to cook from scratch and has a talent for making delicious cupcakes.


As a writer, Kathy has been influenced by many authors, from Steven King and Jayne Castle to James Patterson and JK Rowling.


As a Story Architect, Kathy believes in empowering the writers she works with to understand and trust their own stories, guiding them into the depths so their stories can shine through.

Professional & Skilled

"Kathy is a consummate professional and ideal support for my blog. Her advice and guidance not only adds to the writing but helps you to think how your audience might be viewing your words. Brilliant when you are caught up in your day to day work."

Business Owner

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