Centred around the world of writing (both business and personal), Dagger and Kill Ltd offers a variety of writing services.

The main service offered is ghostwriting which is when ghostwriter will write a book on your behalf (sometimes from your notes or idea) but you will appear as the author of your book. This could be a fiction book, an autobiography, or a memoir. There's also an important place for non-fiction books such as business parables (making a non-fiction book more interesting through the use of fictional characters). Having a book will add credibility to a business as well as open doors that would otherwise remain closed. This could be through a guest slot, press interview, talking engagement, a book tour, or even an interview on the evening news.

Two additional services offered by Dagger and Kill Ltd are proofreading and editing. It's very difficult to proofread your own work as your brain knows what you have already written and so skips over the words. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get someone else to proofread your book. Our expert proofreaders are always happy to help you out.


Editing is about fine-tuning your written work and making sure that it reads well. . A good editor, like the ones at Dagger and Kill Ltd, will also look at how well your plot works and highlight any problem areas.