What is ghostwriting?

A ghostwriter is someone who will write a book on your behalf taking into your voice and style of writing. The advantage is that your name will appear on the cover and no-one will know you have used a ghostwriter.  The ghostwriter will even sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement which will create a confidentiality agreement with the client to protect any proprietary, confidential information or trade secrets.

A book can lead to business opportunities that may not currently be open to you such as guest slots, press interviews, talking engagements, a book tour or even an interview on the evening news – these are all doors that a book can open for you.

Why do you need a ghostwriter?

The biggest reason is the amount of time that it takes to write even a 60,000 word book (and some books can have 120,000 words). A busy business director may want to have a book but not have the time it will take and that is where a ghostwriter can help.

What about fiction books?

Dagger and Kill Ltd also work with authors who have a great idea for a novel but either don't have the time or the skills to write it themselves. Working with the author, the process is very similar to a non-fiction book in that it takes between 4-6 months to write.

If you have an interesting life story that you would like to tell, then again a ghostwriter can help except that this time to book is based on real-life events.

What happens next?

The actual writing of the book will take between 4-6 months and although you will do some of the work yourself, the ghostwriter will do most of it. It will start with a conversation followed by a book outline, then research or even interviews before getting down to the actual writing. A draft book will be created and then you can make any changes, additions etc before moving on to the final version.