Day 8


The Little Blue House


  Quincy looked at all the little coloured houses that decorated the map in front of her wondering exactly how she was mean to choose just one.  Having absolutely zero interest in decorating and house repairs in general, she had decided that she needed a new build house. 

  She had thought that that would make everything easy but no.  First, you had to track the developers down, then you had to explore the areas and only then could you go visit them.  Often the actual location looked nothing like the appealing image in the brochure.  She had seen developments that backed onto train lines and ones that were so close to existing houses that you could call to them from your bedroom window.  The best one had to be the development that was so large it took you ten minutes to drive through it, meaning it was a good 20-minute walk to the nearest main road.  House hunting was exhausting.  Completely and utterly draining.

  Now she had managed to get it down to just two developments which was why she was looking at the map of her favourite one.   Winter Fields was a lovely development of just over 100 houses and the one she had her eye on backed onto a small wooded area that would be perfect for Rebel.  He was her beloved Alsatian Labrador cross and even though he was as daft as they came, he still needed to be walked a couple of times a day.

There was nothing for it, she was going to have to go and have another look.  On paper, the little blue house she had marked out, looked perfect but experience and several wasted journeys had made her caution.

  'Come on Rebel,' she grabbed her handbag. 'We're going for a ride.' Rebel bounded over and sat at her feet. 'And if you're a good boy,' his long tail swept the floor furiously. 'Then we'll go for a nice long walk.'

As soon as Quincy opened the door, Rebel bounded in taking up his spot on the back seat. She smiled and ruffled his ears thinking that it was a good thing that he loved riding in the car. 

  The development she was heading to was almost an hour away and with a stop to let Rebel out, it took almost two hours to get there.  Quincy had been here a couple of times before so she knew where she was going.  Putting Rebel on a lead and ignoring the fact that he looked insulted that she thought he was misbehaving, they walked straight into the estate. There wasn't any point in stopping off at the sales office as she knew which house she was interested in.

  Some of the houses already had people living there and it never surprised her how quickly they sold.  If her little blue house was in the right location then, subject to Rebel's approval, she was going to buy it.  A couple of people smiled at her as she walked passed and one little boy asked if he could stroke Rebel.  Fortunately, he was good around children and he sat patiently as the little boy rubbed his soft fur before running off.

Quincy stopped to praise him and slipped him a treat before moving on.  Her dream home was waiting just around the corner and she was suddenly nervous.  If this didn't work out she was back to looking at endless developments where the only thing that varied was the price.   You could pay thousands of pounds more just to be in a specific area even though the house was exactly the same.  

  Ahead was her house and even though it wasn't blue like on the diagram, her heart skipped a beat.  She could already see the tall trees that made up the wood at the back.

'What do you think Rebel?'  She asked.  'Do you think that we could be happy living here?'

Rebel gave a deep woof that certainly sounded like approval to Quincy's ears as they walked up the path.

  The door was open and Quincy pushed it cautiously. 

  'Can I help you luv?' A young man with deep blue eyes waved a paintbrush in her direction.

  'Sorry.' Quincy immediately apologised and was then annoyed with herself as she hadn't actually done anything wrong. 'I mean I'm not ...' she took a deep breath and told herself not to be distracted by his cute dimpled smile.

  'That's some dog, you've got there,' he knelt in front of Rebel who immediately began wagging his tail as he looked up at Quincy. She nodded slightly and Rebel was on his front pushing at the man's hand demanding to be fussed.

  'Careful there big guy.' The man laughed holding his paintbrush out of the way. 'You're going to get white paint all over that gorgeous black coat of yours.'

  Quincy laughed. 'He'll do anything for a bit of fuss.'

  'What's his name?'


  'Hey there Rebel. Want to introduce me to your beautiful owner?' Rebel was now lying on the floor with his legs in the air enjoying the tummy rub of a lifetime.

  'I'm Quincy,' she introduced herself blushing at being called beautiful and then telling herself that he probably spoke to all the girls in his life that way.

  'I'm Sam,' he held out a fur-covered hand before wiping it on paint-splattered overalls.

  'Pleased to meet you, Sam.'

  Standing up, Sam extracted himself from Rebel who immediately leant against his leg.

  'I think you've made a new friend.' Quincy bent down and rubbed Rebel's head. 'Traitor.'

  'Are you thinking of buying a house here?' Sam asked.

  Quincy was wrapped up in looking at Sam who was tall and well-muscled. 'Sorry,' she knew he had spoken but she hadn't heard a word he'd said. She wondered if he was married or had a girlfriend.

  'Are you thinking of buying here?'

  'Actually, I'm thinking of buying this house,' she looked around already half in love with the place. 'But I wanted to get Rebel's approval.'

  'It's a fantastic buy,' Sam told her.  'Let me show you the kitchen - there have been loads of upgrades in here - as well as throughout the house.'

  Quincy followed Sam around the kitchen as he high-lighted the high-quality cupboards (with extra storage) and so many upgrades, she couldn't help but wonder if it would affect the asking price.

  'You shouldn't be in here,' a gruff voice almost startled her out of her wits. 'No one is allowed in the houses unattended.'

  'I'm planning on buying this house and Sam was just telling me about the upgrades.'

  The man clutched his clipboard. 'You shouldn't have come in here on your own.'

  'But Sam ...' she looked around for him waiting for him to corroborate her story but he had vanished. She frowned. 'He was telling me about the kitchen and what a good buy this house is...' Rebel whined sadly as he looked at the man.

  'Sam was right about the upgrades,' the man's features softened. 'And it's a great buy but who told you?'

  Quincy was frowning thinking that she was going to get a headache. 'I told you, Sam was showing me around.'

  'I don't think so, love,' he put his hand on her shoulder guiding her to the door.  'This was Sam's house but he was killed in a motorbike accident last week.'

  All the colour drained from Quincy's face and she took several deep breaths in an effort not to pass out. 'But he was here,' she whispered. 'He had the most gorgeous blue eyes and a cheeky smile...'